A selection of some projects I have done.



2021 – 2022 // Creative – Reklamelinjen

2014 – 2018 // PBA in Entrepreneurship – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

2017 – 2017 // Entrepreneurship – RMIT Vietnam

2012 – 2014 // Law – Copenhagen University

Work experience

2021 – 2023 // Apartment Setup Manager – LifeX

2018 – 2021 // Sales Consultant – Bolia

2018 – 2023 // Company owner – Mini Background

2014 – 2020 // Company owner – Moodi

But wait, there is more...

I’m not just a creative thinker with an entrepreneur’s strategic mindset. Here are some of my other skills that can benefit your company.

  • Graphic design

    Photoshop is my go-to tool in many situations. I like to illustrate and visualize ideas in Photoshop. Furthermore, I am familiar with InDesign, Illustrator, SketchUp and Canva, too. Since I started working with Adobe software I have made everything from visual identities, logos, banners, flyers, posters, brochures, digital ads and mockups.

  • Ideation and concept development

    The ideation and creative thinking fase is my favorite part of the creative process. Whether it’s copying a concept from another industry, flipping the concept upside down or adding someting extra, I truly love the idea of doing things in a different way in order to make people changing the way they think or act.

  • Business model

    With an educational background in Entrepreneurship, I have worked a lot with Business Model Canvas and other business model tools. From starting my own businesses I have gained practical experience with business modeling, too.

  • Photography

    For years I have played around with my DSLR-cameras and learned a lot within the world of photography. Not only have I been shooting thousands of photos but also spend hours editing and retouching photos in Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • Website

    I have years of experience building websites, webshops and landing pages in WordPress and know the basic principles of coding.

  • User journeys

    Working with customers has given me experience in working with user journeys, touch points and pain points.

  • Insight generation

    I truly believe that the foundation of a great marketing campaign is the research and insights gathered from users before the campaign is developed and produced. I can take part in collecting these pieces of information and gather the beliefs and feelings that the users don’t tell but which are the underlying reasons behind their decisions and behaviour.

  • Prototyping + pretotyping

    Whenever I’m engaged in a project, I like to quickly move from idea to physical or digital prototype or MVP. I possess good prototyping skills and I like to test ideas in the market as soon as possible. For this, I have been working with pretotyping for early feedback and rapid market validation.

  • Design Thinking

    One of my favorite methods in the design field is the Design Thinking approach. I like the process of collecting information through customer research to the final phase of testing the ideas in the market.

  • Content creation

    I have worked with both visual and written content creation for SoMe and websites. You’re more than welcome to make use of my communication skills in both English and Danish whenever you create communication material for clients or internal stakeholders.

  • Project management and communication

    Through my entire adult life, I have spent uncountable hours working with Word, Excel, and Keynote. Furthermore I’m used to working with tools like Notion, Slack, Trello, Gantt charts etc.

  • Podcast

    Working with my own podcast, Ide-ologi has given me experience in interview technique, audio recording and editing.

Did you know that...

… I have a deep interest in future trends.

Did you know that...

… I once made a film that won the 1st prize for the best short film.

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